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Site Navigation | Alan Stenson Photography
I have added a number of different functions to this new site, and more will be added in the future. I have listed below items that may help you navigate through the site.

By clicking on the large A, at the bottom left corner, you can alter the size of the text as required.

By clicking on the Portfolio Link, it will display the Galleries available to view. Click on the orange display link and this will show the page(s) of images to view. If you click on any image, it will display automatically a slideshow of all the images on that page. You can pause, or move forward/backward using the arrow icon. By clicking on the orange Title name, this will take you to the image page, where additional information is displayed.

You can use the search field to input a term ie. Lancashire and any pages or images from this site will be displayed.

The Contact Page provides an easy way to contact me, and you will receive an email by return confirming receipt of your message/request and I will get back to you as soon as possible.